Random rotation with image sampler


I try to rotate each parts with different angle with the image sampler.
However I don’t know how to connect the image sampler in to this.

fan.gh (636.2 KB)

Thanks all

I used mesh conversion instead of your geo for faster calculations, anyway if you want nurbs geometries, just use your initial geo.

fan_re.gh (626.2 KB)

Hi Kim
Thanks a lot.
if some of the the single parts were covered with each other, and each row has certain gap between them. is that able to scale the unit box to make single parts in the right place?

Thank you.

I’m not sure what you mean, anyway IMO, it sounds like just a matter of how you would be able to set the initial geometry (angle against the base plane… etc)and rectangular array cell size.

Hi Kim
you’re right. I use the original rectangular array cell size.

Thanks a lot!!