Image Sampler Component


I’ve been following Arturo Tedeschi’s Alogorithms-aided design book as a tutorial book for introduction to grasshopper. I’ve come across a section in 4.3.3 Image Sampler Component (pg 203) and the grasshopper script isn’t producing the results shown in the book. What am I missing?


My Script:

AAD 4.3.3 Image Sampler Script:

image sampler (22.4 KB)

Seems to me like he uses way more input points in comparison to you (only 4, on the corners). Does it say anything in the book on which points to set into the grasshopper file?

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you have chosen just the corners and this is the problem. I used here a grid of 21 by 21, you can change and the image you chose is a little different from the book.

image sampler component (21.7 KB)

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a very good tutorial for image sampler

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Thank you for your reply, no the book didn’t specify anything else about which points to set into the grasshopper file.

This is the next page, but other than these two pages shown in images it doesn’t talk more about it.

It appears other commenters have provided solutions, thank you.

I followed the video you provided as well, and got the result I desired.

I still want to know, in the ‘point’ section how do I put in a 21x21 grid there?

You draw your grid points in rhino and right click on “point” component and “set multiple points” and you select the grid points

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Thanks, I’ll give this a go when I next get a chance. :slight_smile: