How to use #C to creat an AUTO TOGGLE?

HI,I’m so sorry that I’m really new to #C Script in grasshopper and I’m trying to figure out a way to solve a problem .Hope someone can help me.
My question is how to set a system that FOLLOW the steps.

  1. I turned the ToggleA to “true”
    2.then 10 sec later
    3.ToggleA turned to “false” and ToggleB turned to “true” automatic (at the same time )
    4.then 10 sec later ToggleB turned to false automatic

What about something like this: (7.2 KB)

(@DavidRutten, @dan, @curtisw the timing on GH on Rhino for Mac seems off.

THANK u very much ! it is very helpful to me .

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