How to speed up Grasshopper component development workflow on start up

I’m coming from a background in Python Jupyter and Mathematica notebooks and super excited to start using my new C# skills in GH. The graphic output of Rhino is gorgeous and super refined. However, with my background in notebooks, I’m use to near instantaneous feedback of my code changes. I have to admit it’s a bit of a pain point to restart Rhino every time to reload in the *.dll’s. However, that’s the nature of the beast, and I will have to accept that limitation in exchange for other Rhino/GH benefits.

One problem probably more reasonably addressed is that I have to click twice until I’m back in GH and can test my changes. Once to open a new model, and another to launch GH.

Rhino and GH appear pretty full featured and there are some options that appear tantalizingly close to addressing this type of custom workflow automation. However, upon searching and searching and searching since last week, there is barely any documentation on these options. Old docs from Rhino 5 on Windows didn’t match with what I’m seeing in Rhino 7 on MacOS Big Sur. At this point I really need to raise my hand and ask for help.

Can anyone point me to a detailed tutorial or example of how these start up commands are used? Are there any hints as to what I’d need to put there to get the type of behaviour described above?