Rhino Mac C# Component Wish List

Dear Rhino Mac developers,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for the great work on Rhino/Grasshopper on Mac OS.
I am an architect, educator, and developer in the architectural field, working on a wide range of works: designing very complicated building forms/facades, fabricating installations, and developing digital solutions for architects and designers, mostly using Rhino and the C# scripting component in Grasshopper.

I came across the Explicit History a long time ago when I was searching for an alternative to Generative-Component from Bentley Systems, and I have been very happy with it on PC. However, I have recently switched to Mac because it fulfills my personal needs better than PC, and using Rhino and Grasshopper on the Mac OS, the experience is getting better and better as the updates roll out almost every week! However, there are some urgent items that I would like to bring up to make the experience even better, mostly on the Grasshopper C# scriptting component.

  1. Line number report - when there is an error in the script, the component reports the error in a wrong number: I know it has been brought up by others and myself a couple of times before, but I think this is worth mentioning again!
  2. Collapsable code - as in the Windows counterpart, it would be great to collapse codes with the plus sign right next to the line number.
  3. Argument override arrow - also as in the Windows version, when auto-completing arguments, using arrow keys to navigate options would be great rather than clicking on the on-screen arrows.
  4. Find and Replace in C# scriptting component.

I believe those are on top of the wish list from many Grasshopper developers here in the forum. Hope those will be implemented in the near future.

Thank you again for the great app and fantastic support!


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Hi @woojsung, I had a nice little surprise today while working on some project within RhinoWIP : the code editor seems to be getting a bit of love, and it is really refreshing !

  1. Line number report is still wrong though, but less wrong !
  2. Functions are now collapsible bits of code
  3. Arrow auto-completing is implemented too
  4. F&R is hidden through Alt + ⌘ + F :wink:

I know McNeel is planning to completely replace it through the RhinoCode project, so this is definetely not finished, but it is already nicer to work with than the RH7 component.


Thanks for letting me know! Glad to see it happening! Two more things - less wrong line number reporting and dark mode, is gone? Anyways, thanks for the note!

Just found out that it doesn’t copy and paste - critical…