How to weld vertices (mesh, subd)?

I can’t believe I have to ask this: what’s the right way to simply weld vertices on a joined mesh?
I’d like to weld those subd corner verts - tried WeldVertices and WeldEdge. Not working. Verts still are apart:

And shouldn’t these commands have a tolerance parameter?

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I believe you’re looking for the command _Stitch.

Aaah… yes! Works, Thanks a lot!!

However, is there another command that allows for welding, say, the verts of a whole edge loop or even the whole object without having to work through them 2by2?
I remember the way the ‘Weld’ modifier in 3ds max works. It just has a tolerance parameter, and any pairs that fall under the tolerance get welded.
Different story here, right?

Run -_Stitch before you make any selection. You’ll be able to select edge loops. You first select the edges on one side. Then you select the edges on the other side.


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Perfect, thank you very much!!