WeldVertices fails (Bug ?)

this is some data from one of my students.
i don t know how it was created.
picked / extracted from a bigger object.

i can t manage to join/weld/stitch those unwanted open edges / cuts with

why don t they weld?
how to do it ?

would be great if _weldvertices would use a tolerance.
and maybe if 2 single vertices are picked - a commandline feedback why it failed ?

thanks - kind regards - tom

WeldVertice_fail.3dm (3.1 MB)

deleting and redrawing 2 faces works. (_appendFace)
but i expect some simple “glue with force” one or two click method

Hi @Tom_P,

if you use _Stich and Window select individually at the locations in below picture, it works.

Alternatively, you could use _WeldEdge on the small vertical edges above the numbers.

I can confirm that sometimes welding does not work as expected. A last resort is to _ExtractControlPolygon and weld this instead. Then convert back to subd.



welding, stitching, joining … edges vertices …
align first
use a tolerance…

@pascal or @theoutside
it would be nice to have a “superglue” command that brings together what ever is selected - even if it s technically different stuff in the background

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+1, i hate it to try all possible commands until i eventually find what works and what not.


Stitch should work on mesh and subd vertices and should collapse into a single if used on multiple verts.