How to remove overlapped curve

i have two questions
i have created a form and applied a grid on the surface from grasshopper but after baking the result came out two curves overlaps and not able to proceed further…
secondly after baking the result in rhino is a curve and i want to use that in grasshopper to perform exoskeleton pipe on the grid so how do i convert that curve to mesh…

curve (4.7 KB)
curve overlaps.3dm (636.4 KB)

Hi Intexlann,

Your group contain non-planar closed polylines, and so if you explode them all you will get 2x of each and every segment.
(Here you are not exctracting the edges of a polysurface or a mesh, but is more like extracting the edges of every single surface of that polysurface.)
You can use the remove duplicates line you can find in “Utility” tab in Kangaroo2 (done in attached def).

You can’t have mesh faces with more than 4 sides, I’ve added a short method to use dealunary edges to “patch” every closed polyline to a mesh fragment, and then joining them all togheter.

curve overlap (194.0 KB)

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thanks alot finally duplicate lines are removed…
yes thats true mesh faces cannot have 4 sides so i want to create a nodal pipe and also a surface on the grid faces how do i do it?
i have attached a continuation gh file below

how create a nodal (10.5 KB)
curve to surface.3dm (769.6 KB)

I don’t have any of your plug-ins.
For nodal-pipe i think you could search in the web, you’ll find a lot of other solutions with grasshopper.
1st google result for “nodal pipe grasshopper” :

For “a surface on the grid faces” you could see if “Patch” (surface) component is what you need for.
You have to “feed” to it a grafted list of all the closed polylines we were talking before.
(If you give it just a list of all the polylines it will create a single surface patching all togheter, it will take a lot of time and it will surely be a mess or even crash rhino)

Graft the “C” input before linking or, with a large list you’ll have to wait a lot.

Patch surfaces won’t have common edges.

alright thanks i’ll give it a try