Extruding countour

Hello everyone,

I am trying to extrude only a closed line and its ofsset, but since the inside curve is also a closed curve it “caps” this hole that i want to… The wierd thing for me is that i can almost achieve it on my geometry but this only one curve and its offset keeps retrieving me this result.

Anyone knows how to avoid this?

Thanks in advance.

contour.gh (30.3 KB)


contour.gh (67.2 KB)
the problem is in its brep, it has erroneous surfaces but rhino does not detect them. Compare your brep with this new one

oh, thanks, but the only thing different that i can see in the code is that you reversed the vector of the extusion, or no? You did something else besides that? I didnt get it…

(sorry, i am new to GH)

your polysurface is wrong

grasshopper works well when geometries are fine


ahhh, thanks man!

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