Grasshopper Network Surface


How can I make this work?


I have the curves sorted in lists as shown and have to make this work for some 20 items per list.
I´m sure it´s rather simple but can´t wrap my head around it.

If all your surfaces are going to be built of fours edges, you have these two options:

  1. join, explode and dispatch for a Network Surface
  2. join, explode and use List Item for an Edge Surface (7.2 KB)

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I have simplified my problem too much. Some of the shapes overlap with identical curves one on top of each other like this:

Are all curves planar and in the same plane? (12.9 KB)

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Not at all, sorry I can´t share the company files. :confused: You can imagine something like 2 or 3 curved “ladders”. There are alvays 4 simple nonplanar curves divided as shown - two go into V and two go into U. I believe this is a tree management excersise which is something I suck at big time.

I can get individual “windows” this way:

I believe I need to branch the sets corectly to organise them into these “pairs”. Random combinations of grafts and flattens didn´t work (unexpectedly) so I´m reaching for help here.

Please provide a Rhino file with a few curves.

Please share the file with the problem you like to understand, not the original, but the recreated and simplified one.


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This is embarrassing – I really did think this is a stupid simple problem so I didn´t include a properly made example file. I slept on it and came back thinking it obviously is a more complex problem based on the propoused solutions kindly provided by Martin S. I have actually prepared the proper sample. While doing so I figured out the solution …

exampleR7.3dm (63.6 KB) (11.1 KB)

So I´m sharing it here for anyone as dull as me :slight_smile:
Thank you all and have a good day

I read this so often here. I would say most of the time a sample geometry is needed or at least helps the others. Now you just want us to do this- this seems to be wasting everybodies time.

  • You can tag people by typing @ like(@martinsiegrist) and than select the person you want to. So they get a proper notice, that you mentioned them.
  • You can internalize Rhino geomertry in your GH file
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