How to remove Duplicate Curves in Grasshopper

Hello everyone.

Today I was trying to Project bunch of curves onto the other list of them and I faced with some duplicate lines as result.
I know that kangaroo has a component which removes duplicate lines (Not curve). Does anyone have a solution for Removing duplicate curves?2018-04-16%2013_30_54-Grasshopper%20-%20unnamed

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Here is code that is doing this with curves (uses RhinoCommon for Rhino 5). (712.5 KB)

If you use Rhino 6, then there is method in RhonoCommon, GeometryEquals which may help you to write your own component for checking curves (generally any geometry) for equality.


Thanks .That is very helpful.

This is a very useful tool I downloaded it but what if the curves lie on each other but are different lengths, this tool doesn’t seem to work for that.
Any suggestion appreciated.
Joe v.

Try this

curves (11.3 KB)