How to put color inside a 2D drawing in rhino?

I don’t know how i can in Rhino put color inside a 2D drawing.
For example, here i show a drawing in top viw from rhino. The lines are blue.
The first thing i did, was to close the surface. But, inside the surface, in order to export the drawing in PDF, i would like to put the black color, inside the lines.
This is what i am showing in the second drawing: the only thing i can do now, is to do it in inkscape, like we see the black surface i obtain in Inkscape.
But i’m sure we can do it in Rhino, no?
Thanks so much for helping me!:grinning::grinning:

I think using _Hatch to hatch the curves in the desired color(s) should export as fills to PDF and import into something like Illustrator…

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Hi Helevetosaur!
O!!! Thanks so much! Yes, this is the solution! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Just so you know, you can pick multiple curves that overlap and choose to “pick region” within the hatch command. And if you click on the outside then you’ll get the outline hatched.

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Thanks so much! :grin::grin::grin: