Rhino for A 2D picture


I’d like to know how it is possible in rhino to put in pink the inerior of a section, and the black lines too.
To show it, i did it here but in photoshop.
And how it would be possible to draw a background rectangle, all in black, the interior too.
Other thing is that i don’t know how to easily export this in jpeg or pdf file, with the good scale.
Each time i’m trying to "save as pdf’, nothing appears.
The only way i can do it is to say “print”, but if i need to have the drawing in A2 horizontal, for example, as my printing is only A4, i can’t do.

Isn’t exist in rhino an easy way to do “save as”, jpeg or pdf, without doing this?
I designed my secion in the right view.

For the scale, i was trying to import in inkscape, and this is a bad scale, even if i chose the option “real scale” in rhino.
Thanks so much to help me!

Not quite sure if i understood your wish.
on a separate Layer with different color
you might also want to check

To output as Image use the Print dialog
in the Printer-Selection drop down you will find “Image file at the top”

If you re on a mac - change the category of your post.
Not sure for a good mac solution.

best Tom

can’t really tell from your screenshot but you should be able to use _PlanarSrf to make a surface within the curves then color the surface or place it on a layer with the desired color.

Thanks a lot!
Tom, sorry but i have a pc, not a mac, and i can’t print a pdf in a A1 format, for exemple.
I put another exemple because really it’ s incredibly difficil to make a PDF file in rhino!

For exemple, i’d like to print this rectangle.
The rectangle exterior is a format A2: 420 x 594mm
The rectangle interior is same - 2cm
And as you see in the picture, i can’t put the rectangle at the good zone to print.
Rhino doesn’t want.
At a moment it says" drag in the rectangle", but nothing happens…
And i don’t want to imagine how i could print a A1 format, because Rhino does’nt offer the possibiliuty to customize the print zone.
Really, i don’t understand.
Thanks to help me!

Hi FabLab - see if setting the output to a window rather than the view is what you need-


Hi Pascal!
Thanks so much!:smiley: