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Hi guys, I need help for something like that. I have done a simple attractor curve thing and I have coloured the scaled surfaces in different way as the scaling of the surfaces themselves, now I need to use the contour of the surfaces to get coloured inside like an hatch in illustrator, basically switching the Stroke and the Fill.

So how I get the contour as a single entity and not as multiple segment?
I’ve tried the hatch control in rhino but it gets me all the surfaces with a black hatch that is useless for me.
How can I do?

Thank You Very Much in Advance for Your Time.

Dunno, have you tried _DupBorder on the surfaces?

_DupBorders will give me all black borders, but i want to mantain the colour of the different surfaces…

Well, all I know is to categorize them into layers … like select by color and then make a layer for it … and then export to Ai, so you can select layer and re-color.
idk if there is a smarter way to maintain the exported colors directly from Rhino

Couldn’t you use doodlebug , since it’s made in gh?

There is some discussion here on how to use GH, with the plug-in Human, to get colored hatches.

Not sure about the dotted line/line segments question. Maybe just make it a solid line then change the line type in illustrator?

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So the surfaces have a color and you want the borders to have the same color as the surfaces?

Here is a quickie Python script that will do this: (387 Bytes)

And here is an extension of same which also adds a solid hatch of the same color. Not sure if this one will work in all languages, as hatch names are localized - but Rhino is supposed to translate “standard” hatch names such as “Solid”… (504 Bytes)

Here’s an Illustrator script to switch stroke and fill. So if you export your surfaces with applied colors normally to illustrator, you will just get the colored boundary curves. With this script I downloaded long time ago somewhere on the internet, you can switch this easily.

Wow Thanks, the first script worked perfectly, the second doesn’t work, infact i’ve installed rhino in english but based on an italian version of win10…

Thank You Very Much!!

Thanks Tim, i really appreciated this little script!!!

You‘re welcome :slight_smile:

Hmm, does it give you an error message? Can you check if you have a hatchpattern labeled “Solid” in your file? (my feeling is that’s where it’s erroring out)

All this should be done easily in illustrator, imho…and without scripting

Ever tried switching multiple objects stroke to fill color? Doens‘t work without scripting. Yeah no problem with 10, I also will do it by hand, but not if I have more.

Select all object with the same path color…then in the color panel just drag and drop the path color to the fill color, and voila

Yeah, after color the objects via gradient you will get many different colors :wink:

You can make a compound path before so it’s treated as a single object

While searching in different forums a time ago, the easiest way to do it was with the script I uploaded. I‘ll give it a try next time I need it, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, i am having this dilemma as Daniela, would it be possible to try this plug in as well?

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