How to pull an edge loop or polygon loop with normal direction in Rhino 7

Hi everyone,

I’ve just tried to use Rhino7 subD for a while, and I encountered a small issue when I tried to move an edge loop with a normal/UVN direction. Please check my video below for more detail.
I can’t figure out how to solve this issue in Rhino 7.
Much appreciated.


Does this help?

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yes, I tried it. It’s okay for short edges, but it doesn’t work well for some long edge loop around an object.
38 low mesh.obj (882.1 KB)

For chained or multiple selected edges that preferably are all co-planar or in parallel planes, you can usually use the scale handle of the Gumball:

Thanks, @diff-arch, it’s a great treat for the belt, but it does not work for the other case.
I do think Rhino should update for this function soon. We really need a seamless workflow with SubD.

Tongue.3dm (3.9 MB)

here is an example of how easy to deal with the edge loop in Rhino 5 with TSpline and Modo, Blender.

Hi @voong_chuong
I wholeheartedly agree that it should be possible on the edge and face level. Until then, you can use MoveUVN on the control points - see the attached video.

HTH, Jakob

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Argh, sorry. I completely forgot about DragMode! You can use the DragMode command and set it to UVN and then use the Gumball (blue arrow for Normal) to drag.


Thanks, @Normand, I’ll try this solution right away.
We all hope that the DEV team will improve this small issue soon.