Feature request: Move UVN for faces and edges

Now that Sub D is maturing it would be great if moving along UVN could be made available for edges and faces.
From a user interface point I would love to see this imbedded into the gumball somehow.


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@theoutside, any thoughts on this?

The move command has an option for normal but I can’t get this to work?

The only way I know show the points (F10) and than use the move UVN tool
But this does not work on faces or edges

The gumball can already be oriented to the object.

That way it is possible to move a single face with the gumball.

But what we really need is multi gumball operations, possibly better than T-Splines if the gumballs would accept numerical input also for re-orienting.

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Maybe I am doing something wrong? But moving along the object really gives different results from moving along the normals

I wrote single face

Ow ok my bad… I did not realize you where merely stating the obvious :slight_smile:

Yes, agreed this is something we need. As SubD develops more we will certainly be adding more functionality like this. When? not sure… We are focused on making v7 stable and ready to go right this second. In the meantime keep the suggestions coming!

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