How to PANEL in MESH

Hi, i´m new user of this programme and trying to create a ceiling made of glass in this mesh but i cannot turn it into a surface so as to apply the triangle pannels of LUNCH BOX!

As you can see in the last image I´d like to create the glass inside the triangular structure.
grasshopper (28.8 KB) Rhino Agosto 13.3dm (396.9 KB)

If you stick to the weaverbird plugin, then you can get something like this.

grasshopper (24.9 KB)


Thanks! And do you know how to make the substructure of those glasses ? Can this be used to make the structure of the glass as well ?

The glass parts are still meshes, so you can use WB’s Weaverbird’s Picture Frame just like what you did previously.


hello!! i am trying your method and it is very helpful,however, I am facing one issue and kindly if you can help me !!!
the view of the two figures are not similar,do you know what can be the problem?