How to modify mesh?

How Can I modify Mesh object ?
Attached Old situation and new situation Rhino file. New situation Object top face is moved 90mm Z direction. How can I join mesh edges as per attached image?Old.3dm (269.0 KB)
New.3dm (271.1 KB)

It is possible to close this mesh after the top has been moved up but it may not be what you’re after.

Use DupBoder to create curves, or polylines in this case.
Use Loft to create surfaces between the curves for the individual holes as well as the outer border
Create meshes from the surfaces with the Mesh command
Use Join to join all the separate meshes together… SelMesh is useful here since you may still have the surfaces
Finally MeshRepair until all the naked edges can be closed. Unweld may also be helpful to see the actual geometry
ShowEdges>Naked Edge display can be used to see any gaps in the mesh if you need it closed

I hope that helps

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