Open polysurface

open polysurface.3dm (3.7 MB)

can anyone help me to close this open Polysurface i have try all the methods i know but it doesn’t work. Thank you

Hello- use ShowEdges to see the open edges - these are not just at top and bottom.
Explode then Join to close up the vertical edges then fortop and bottom, it depends on what you want , but one way is to trim the top and bottom with planes and then Cap the part.



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you can also use patch, select only the outer edges of the openings turn off tangency and it should work.

one thing is in the way though, you have one micro edge which is way smaller than i can zoom in even. you have to rebuild that area then patch will work and the object can be joined to a closed object.

look in this area on the top side

open polysurface_duplicate.3dm (7.1 MB)

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Check how pascal did it I think that work well with what I want

I still don’t get it I have explode and join them together and it doesn’t work