How to modify surface type


Hi everyone,

I have a .3dm file from others, in which all the surface are consisted of small triangular shape small surfaces. I checked on website, and found that this seems to be a “populated surface or surface discretization”. Can someone please let me know how to merge these small surfaces, so that I can get a regular type 3D geometry?

Thanks in advance, a more detailed command instruction would be appreciated as I am new to Rhino.


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Andrew - presumably this is a conversion from a polygon mesh to trimmed NURBS faces - MeshToNurb in Rhino terms. So the short answer is there is no conversion, exactly- you’ll have to reat this as a mesh and reverse engineer it with surfaces - how easy that is depends upon the shape, but I would not count on it being easy, I’m afraid.



Hi Pascal,
Thanks for the quick reply! You may be right as the purpose of this model was for numerical modeling. The problem is that I am not sure whether the original model was generated in Rhino or AutoCAD or other software. If it is too complicated to convert, probably its better to recreate the geometry.


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Andrew - it may be that there’s already an original surface model someplace that is the source of the mesh one - make some phone calls! =)