How to map hexagon grid to a trimmed srf

hi all, i’m trying to map a hexagon grid to a trimmed double curvature srf , how do i do this??

any help is much appreciated (72.6 KB)

You could try ShapeMap

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Here are a couple of ways: (68.0 KB)

The first (top) one doesn’t ‘map’ it, instead it trims your hexes to a ‘thickened’ version of your trimmed surface. The second (bottom) does a mapping of the curves via MapSrf - both look good but they’re slightly different.

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The “easy way” is Map Srf (purple group) but it gives the same result as you already got the hard way (sincere congratulations on that). The other way is TriRemesh ‘D’ output (white group). Both require trimming of face boundaries, as your method does. (71.5 KB)


thanks all for the help!

One tip about the trimming - because of how GH treats trimmed surfaces, if you want to mesh only the trimmed part, cast to a Brep first: