Loft Connection

Hi, I’ve lofted a set of curves and placed a hexagonal grid onto it. However, the problem I’m facing is that the grid doesn’t connect at the point where the loft ends, and is affecting the srfmorph being placed on top. The curves were lofted on grasshopper and no loft options have been changed.

Hi Marwan,
If I understand correctly, you need the end of your pattern to match its beginning (to make the pattern “seemless” or “periodic”). Try playing with the quantities of modules on the U and V directions?
How did you map your pattern onto the surface?

Thanks for the suggestion Arthur,
I changed the U and V values for both the number of hexagonal cells and on the srfMorph function, this didn’t change anything.

The hexagonal grid is mapped onto the surface by placing the hex grid into a rectangle box by rectangular bounding box then reparametrise the lofted surface on the srfmorph function.

This is how the grid is mapped onto the lofted surface.

I’ve done similar things by using sliders for the SrMorph U and V values. I put limits on the sliders of -5.0 to 5.0 and tweak the values until I get the proper placement.

The hexagonal grid is only mapped onto the surface when the srfMorph U and V values are both 1, any other values wont map the whole surface and negative values gave me the grid as a flat plane around the surface.

I think the grid needs to be looped, so that there is no end or beginning to it, it just becomes a continuous coherent form.

Here’s how I did it with a rectangular grid of solid diamond shapes: (14.4 KB)

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