How to trim off boundary curves of a Hexagonal Pattern

Trim Boundary (24.4 KB)
Dear All

I am trying to trim off the portion of the Hexagons which is outside the plane as seen in the attached GH file (Sketch of desired trimming is also enclosed in the canvas).
I am using CRv/Crv and then Shatter but doesn’t seem to yield any success.

Can anyone help me on this quickly as I need to finish this by tonight :dizzy_face:

Thank you so much !

You didn’t internalize your surface so I used my own.
Trim (Trim with Region) is what you want for this.

Trim Boundary (22.4 KB)

Dear Joseph

That’s exactly what I have to make thanks a lot!


I prefer the HexGrid pattern:

Trim Boundary (19.0 KB)

Here is a method that centers the HexGrid pattern on the surface:

Trim Boundary (10.5 KB)