How to make 'Planarsrf' in grasshopper

i want to make planar surface using two sets of curve in grasshopper, how can i achieve below result.

Use the Boundary Surfaces component. Make sure the curves to make the surface are all at the same tree branch level.

such a simple node, this will help me to offset the curve and use those two curve to make boundary surface. thanks Helvetosaur.

Actually dont work on offset curves.

As you see here it create overlapping surface.

one more question:- What is the use of graft and flatten

Connect the “Origin Plane” to the Offset ‘Plane’ input? Oh wait, the curves have different tree branches when merged (two wires in the same input), as @Helvetosaur said.

No code, no help.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Still same issue

boundary (8.4 KB)

Can you see now what needs to be done?

These terms have to do with data tree structures in Grasshopper. A somewhat complex but essential subject to understand for anyone who uses it. There are various tutorials out there.

Briefly, Graft will take each member of a flat list and make it into an individual branch; Flatten will take a tree (regardless of the level of branches) and put all members of all branches into one single flat list. This is important because Grasshopper uses data matching, and when the input structure does not match what the component is expecting, the results will be unpredictable or incorrect.

@Kalpit_3d Grasshopper is spelled with ‘ss’

Sometimes ‘Simplify’ will do, no need for Suirify. And sometimes flatten won’t do at all.

boundary (10.0 KB)

The most important skill to learn about GH is how to inspect and match data trees.