Multiple - Network Surfaces

How to build several network surfaces at the same time.
Where the selection can be made at once, which can be 3 or 4 edges.
Is it possible with grasshopper?
Can anyone help me with this?

These look like planar objects. If so, why are you using NetworkSrf? Why not PlanarSrf (Rhino) - or Boundary Surfaces (Grasshopper)?

Build with flat and non-planar curves, which may or may not be alternated.
The image is a simplified representation of my need.

Is your question about Grasshopper? If so it should be moved to the Grasshopper area.

David Cockey,
Yes, how to do it with Grasshopper?

Then you might want to join them into 4 sided closed curves, then explode them again - which will force them into a tree of lists of the 4 curves that make up each figure. Then use EdgeSrf.

Multiple - Network Surfaces - Exemplo de aplicação.3dm (120.3 KB)

Can you please leave the name of the command window with the full names, so that I can identify which commands you used?
I’m starting now with grasshopper, so I don’t know the commands well.

You have overlapping curves in there, you first want to get rid of those so that each item will join into a closed figure with 3 or 4 unique sides. (15.1 KB)

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Thank you very much for your help.

I have many tools that I need to optimize, to make using rhino more productive.
If you want and can contribute with this, it will be of great help.
Many thanks!

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