Mesh to surface


Is there any way to convert a mesh to surface in grasshopper? I want to create a uniform hexagonal pattern on a mesh (which has a particular shape). The “simple” mesh explode will result in multiple surfaces whereas I am looking to create an untrimmed surface. (19.5 KB)

Yes and no. Depends on the mesh and if it can be translated into a UV grid (NURBS). Post images and upload the mesh.

I just added a grasshopper with the surface

Missing like 4 plug-ins so I can’t open that. Just bake the mesh you are curious about and upload the 3dm.

well it is just milipede mostly others are just test I tried to perform.
Untitled.3dm (491.5 KB)

Those are breps, not meshes.

yes, they were drawn in rhino, but the reason I asked about meshes is because I recreted the same surface using Millipede - Minimal Surface

This won’t be easy, (or maybe not even possible) to be one untrimmed surface. Some issues here - The surface iso curves don’t always line up between faces, There is a very strong crease between each face (after doing some tests many of them do not actually touch - there are gaps) The isocurves per each 4 faces make a radial array of the UV grid, like a cone with a singularity at top, even if you could get 4 faces which make a min surface to be one surface it wont be able to connect to the others as there is no continuity in the flow to make a grid. Read up a bit about Nurbs surfaces here to understand why.