How to make this work as a bRep

I have a working Grasshopper that requires a brep for distribution across a surface. When I set the PolySurface as one bRep it works perfectly. I need to include the 2 surfaces in the distribution but can’t figure out how to include them. Setting multiple bReps does not work for the surfaces as I get just the first instance of each surface down the target surface. In that case, the PolySurface still distributes properly but the simple surfaces do not go along.
I would change the input component if appropriate but I need to keep this geometry together. I also need to be able to select just the 2 simple surfaces for layer change after I bake the distribution.

Any thoughts?

Dimple.3dm (211.7 KB)

Can you post the GH?



are you talking about exploding the polysurface into its faces?

No, I am trying to keep the polysurface and 2 simple surfaces together so that I can distribute them across a surface by Grasshopper script.
Thanks anyway.

it depends on your distribution technique, which is why as pascal asked you should post the GH :slight_smile: The solution could be to group the geometry, or something involving data trees depending on how your definition works.

OK - Here is th GH… It has two branches that the bRep feeds. Both fail with anything other than the PolySurface.

ArrayBitsOnSurface& (37.5 KB)

definition has nothing referenced:

grouping maybe unnecessary, but maybe try this

ArrayBitsOnSurface& (68.0 KB)

Thanks MUCH - that works. It took a while to pare it down to the minimum, but I can move forward now. It does seem like grouping is necessary but I wonder why Group then UnGroup gives the desired result to the list.

Thanks again,