How to make a tensile pavilion shape

Hi there, I’m new to grasshopper so really appreciate your help here:) I am trying to make a tensile landscape as you can see in my sketch where the elevated landscape peaked at the building in the middle and then gradually slopes down, turning into bridges.

How should I construct the shape in a way that the height and width of the bridge legs could be easily adjustable for testing?

Thanks again!

White Bay Context Model V2 copy 2.3dm (8.2 MB)

Well … a few things:

  1. For that type of stuff you should get the gist of K2. That said you can do some things via components … but for the real deal you’ll need code (for a vast variety of reasons). The real - deal has to do whith what exactly are the membrane anchor plates (a very big topic that one) and the other hardware parts and how to realistically design them (Note: R is NOT the app - by any means - for that kind of job).

  2. For the abstract part start from a flat Mesh and define masts, anchors, steady and variable cables then - optionally - subdivide the Mesh and engage K2. If you want to do that on the fly (the interactive way) … you’ll need code (for dealing with volatile and persistent data).

The tricky part (impossible whitout code) is the yellow cables related with the membrane anchor plates that … er… are variable (in end pos thus in length). They start from the yellow state and end-up to the relaxed red state. Obviously there’s steady cables around as well (for mast stability). Plus you’ll need a real-life policy for what anchor is up and what down.

The more flat the mebrane (or parts of it) the worst is the solution (in real-life).

The bigger the anchor plate angle … the more challenging their design becomes (you’ll need hinged plates and other freaky stuff). Say “like” this one (a bit crude mind):

Tip: search for tensile membranes in this Forum but in the old (dead) one as well.