Tensile structure help

hello, first of all, thank you for reading.

I am new to Grasshopper and Kangaroo, and I am working on a project where I want to make a tensile surface that is anchored to random points that is on the z axis.

I am struggling to anchor the points I have to these points. I have tried everything within my limits, and here is my last resort.

I will attach a screen grab for my definition and my .gh file. Any help would be appreciated!
tensile_structure_please_help.gh (15.3 KB)

Hi Dan Kim, welcome,

You need to select points which exist as vertices of the mesh to anchor.
Anchoring a point in the middle of a face or edge will not affect the mesh at all.

You have the right idea with using ClosestPoint, but you need to get the closest mesh vertex to each of your points along the boundary, not the other way round as you had it.
Then you can use your points in space as target inputs to the anchor component (using Shortest List to make sure there is one target per point). Like this:
tensile_structure_please_help.gh (14.7 KB)


Hello @DanielPiker,

Thank you so much for helping me out!
I just checked the function you sent me, and there were a lot of things that I could learn!

However, what i wanted was something more like this, tent-like.

what are the ways that I could anchor the mesh to the green points?

Hey Dan,

Check this out

Examples by @DanielPiker


@ajarindia @DanielPiker

thanks, cheers
you saved a uni freshman’s life