How can I install the rhino 6 plugin to rhino 7?

Can I install the .rhi of rhino 6 plugin to rhino 7?


Plug-ins are specific to a Rhino Version.
The Software Development Kit for each version of Rhino is different.
The SDK is used to write a plug-in for a specific version of Rhino.
Since the SDK for V7 is not yet “frozen” (we’re still making changes for new features like SubD), plug-ins can not be built for V7 yet.

There are a few “utilities” that use simpler development tools that will work on multiple platforms and Mac/Windows, but not any of the major plug-ins.

Hi @l1407,

Most plug-in written for Rhino 6 will work in the Rhino 7 WIP. If you have the .rhi installer, just rerun it after you’ve installed the Rhino WIP.

If you find a plug-in that work in Rhino 6 and not in the Rhino WIP, let us know.


– Dale

Yes, the Thea render v2.2 for Rhino 6 can’t to install to Rhino 7 wip.

thank you very much!