How to form a 3D bowl shape from a 2d polysurface

Hi all would like to know to achieve the bowl shape on Rhino 4.0 thanks

Can you upload a sample file? (drag your rhino file onto the message window)
Is the image on the right what you are trying to achieve?

Bowl forming.3dm (1.4 MB)
Here you go thanks

trying to achieve the right view which looks like a bowl. thanks

Like this?
01- your original
02 - dupfaceborder to extract the crv edges of your 2d shape, place your bowl (with top removed) onto the centre of your shape, and ‘project’ your curves onto the bowl
03 - use your projected curves to trim the bowl (make sure the curves are closed, sel open crv and close any holes)
03v2 - offset surface to desired thickness

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Thank you so much, it works!!!

There is probably a more elegant way to do it- that’s one option.

why ApplyCrv does not work?