How to create relief in a glass bowl?

Hi all!

I am a Rhino student and this is my first time posting a question here.
I have a very quick question (see image below). I have a project, I’m trying to model a glass bowl with a relief like this.

The same relief is not necessary, I would like you to help me with suggestions on how to start something like this to be able to practice other figures.

Thank you for taking a look! I appreciate any tips you have!

Hi Andrea - here is a file with some basic geometry and possible approaches - maybe that will get you started.

Bowl.3dm (559.6 KB)



what is the goal? rendering, cnc, 3d print?

if you are rendering you can do that with displacement maps and get your relief from an image.

If you are printing or cnc cutting that part, you can also use displacement, but extractrendermesh and use the displaced mesh as a real object (not just a rendered object)

Or if you are just stretching your modeling legs, follow pascals lead- :wink:


Hi Andrea,

if you want to practice, I would follow Pascal’s excellent example!

Additional to his suggestion you could also practice something like this - just another approach :slight_smile:

make a surface like Pascal’s:

offset the surface:

unroll the surface you want for the relief - here I pick the interior one, make a copy of it so you keep the original unrolled:

Rebuild that unrolled surface to add control points:

practice with selection of points to deform the surface and create your own ‘relief’:

use FlowAlongSrf command to ‘map’ this shape on to the original surface you picked:

  • remember to play with the command settings to get different results:

    when it asks you for a “base surface” you need to specify the original flat surface

then blend/combine your surfaces like Pascal did, try blendsrf command:

  • you can also use shapes for your flowalongsrf instead of deforming the surface:

Happy modeling!

Here’s the practice file:
Bowl_b.3dm (7.0 MB)