How to project complex curves onto a bowl?


I need some help! I am trying to project complex curves onto a bowl to make cut outs, replicating punching metal. I am struggling with project as it seems to stretch the curve on the bowl once projected. I hope this makes sense, if someone could help me that would be great!


Can you post your file?

Curve Projection.3dm (387.7 KB)

How do i stop the stretching?

Hi. It projects in a the CPlane you are using.

You should work differently than you are now. Here is an example:

Firstly. Only use 1 circle and place it in the middle of the middle.
Project it on the bowl.
Then use ArrayPolar and use the middle line as mid point.
Then Edit the items you want to keep and put it on 360 degrees.

Curve Projection.3dm (286.0 KB)

Hope this helps ^^

This has helped loads thank you!

Great to hear :slight_smile: Good Luck :slight_smile:

How would i make the holes once i have projected the curves round the bowl?

Use the split command.
First asks for splitting surface. So thats you bowl. And press enter
Second is your splitting objects. The Curves. then press enter

Select the holes and press delete. Now your bowl has holes

I thought that would be the command but thought i would just double check! Thank you very much for your help!