How to fill gaps between two walls

wall.3dm (45.4 KB) I build surfaces to design and now I want to extrude them to build models, but when I extrude surfaces, there’s a small gap between them. How can I fix this problem and make the edge a real edge?

in this case you can use Ctrl + Shift to select one of the faces and move it to the other object.
but I think the problem is iin your input curves. can you upload the file?

then if you use booleanUnion. you can use MergeAllFaces to simplify the planar surfaces

thank you so much, i just uploaded

and the problem is some surfaces are not perpendicular.

Hello - in the file you uploaded there are only surfaces, no curves or solids. I the case of the surfaces, Split or Trim will cut them but but it is not clear what the desired outcome is. If you are extruding these surfaces into solids and proceeding from there, I suggest you turn the process around and draw the plan curves, then Offset these by the wall thickness and extrude the result vertically. CurveBoolean can also help as well as Slab. But in any case I’d work from the plan curves to get the 3d objects.


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