Fill the gap between two solids

Hello! Is there a way to blend this gap into a smooth transition between this two solids? As the frame is extruded to the perpendicular direction along the curve, so there is a gap in between them. Thanks for helping!

Hi Rj1 - can you post this part of your file?


fill the gap between the 2 solid frame.3dm (2.9 MB)


Hi Rj1 - I guess the solution depends on some design decisions - if it is OK to have tapered ‘shelves’ then it might be fine to build the whole thing in the flat and Bend or Flow or FlowAlongSrf into an arc shape.

I used FlowAlongSrf in the attached, is that more or less what you need?
fill the gap between the 2 solid frame_PG.3dm (760.3 KB)


Hello Pascal, that’s exactly what I wanted, a bit tapered does not affect the whole design intent : )

Would you mind telling me a bit more details how did you achieve that? Many thanks!

Hi Rj1 - forFlowAlongSrf the idea is to build the object flat, where it’s easy, and then ‘flow’ it from a flat surface to a curvey one. I made the section if the cylinder as the target surface and the flat plane as the base surface with the same dimensions as the cylinder (so as to get a 1 to 1 mapping and not distort the objects other than to bend them) Note I also rebuilt the surfaces - I guess I did both, but really only the cylinder needs it - this is because cylinders have uneven UV paramterization in the ‘around’ direction, which can distort the flowed objects in that direction, but a rebuilt surface has evenly distributed UV. Too much info?