How to fill gaps between objects automatically

Hey guys, I am a new user to Rhino and have a question.

I am designing a roof and have a question. How can I automatically fill the gaps between the edges and the dome? I have done one edge by defining a template, but it is kind of very time-cosuming. Maybe there is a command, so Rhino can fill these gaps automatically.

Thanks in advance.


I would try a different approach. Create a 4 curve patch then use surface from edge curves command. Then extrude the profile curves and match the surface edges to them. Then use the polar array command. You might want to do some point editing to the surface to get the desired shape.

If the gaps are very small you can use JoinEdge to close the gaps. But it is always better to create geometery without gaps if possible.

Hey! Thanks for your replies. Sorry for not answering earlier but I was busy trying your tips and hints.
I did the geometry for my roof with a patch, just like Stratosfear told me.
But now I have another problem. My edges are not always on the same height. But they have to. How can I correct it?
Please see the pictures. I can also upload my Rhino file, if this will help.

Thanks in advance!


Sorry I was not more clear. What I mean by surface patch is a surface built with 4 edges not the patch command. Now that I have a better idea of what you want. I would use the Surface, Sweep 2 Rails command. Try turning on the simple sweep option and then move the points around to get your desired shape.