Extrude surface using edges: how?

How do I use 2 ‘closed solid polysurfaces’ (one a door and another a window) to extrude and create a new ‘closed solid polysurface’ between the two using both of the 2 objects edges? The end result being a 3rd solid between to 2 already existing solid objects, that connects both those 2 together tightly. PIC attached.

Hello- there is not a tool for that specific operation - you’ll need to just build the object from surfaces constructed between the edges you are interested in.


Maybe in V7 with a SubD “Bridge”? Don’t know much about how that works though.

Where should I start? What exact surface tool(s) should I use? I don’t have a problem doing that, just would like to know the best tools to use for the above described end result. My best guess, being somewhat new to Rhino is to turn on control points? Should I be using ‘Filter’(bottom bar in Rhino 6), Sub Objects?

Hello - a lot depends on the exact geometry that you have but one thing to look at is Lofts between pairs of edges - since these are unlikely to work out very well, you may need to dup the edges, join these in logical ways to connect across - my guess is you will want the Refit and Rebuild settings in Loft quite a bit.


this is what happened:

…it says some, but not all of the curve end points touch (must be talking about edges??)… how do I correct this… just draw or extract lines where the edges are and connect those lines to be one selectable wireframe object?

maybe we can help a bit more having the file. it doesn’t seem to be a single command or shortcut to solve the issue.
As Pascal says Loft will have some problems. it needs similar curves to work and is not the case ( few straight lines in one side and a curvy line in the other).
check the command help.

oh, ok… I’m learning something. But, this is my attempt at testing Rhino3D’s ability to make my finished exterior gutted out a bit… just as a test for gutting out which is what you guys would call subtract solid or Boolean difference. So, seems like I can (for what am doing now anyways) just make 2 different lofts from each of the 2 objects, and then connect the 2 ends of both of those newly created lofts? I’m guessing that is the best way… is that right?

here’s the file:RhinoPULSARexterior.3dm (2.2 MB)

Hello - if you post a file with a question, please make it clear what you are asking and what parts of the model are relevant - I have no idea what parts you are asking about in your model. You can export the parts you care about, or your attempts so far, to a new model and send that. In short, if people trying to help have to do too much work just trying to understand what you want, it gets old very quickly…

All that said, judging from your model, I recommend looking carefully at the level 2 training materials here: http://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/6/training-level2/en-us/Default.htm


I show what parts I’m talking about in the above picture Pascal. Front right window and back door. Connecting those 2 with loft or, maybe using 2 different lofts from each and then connect the lofts? Do you get what I’m asking now?

Hello - so, you are interested in these two curves, correct?

A loft between them will get you something but it will not line up very well - you might try connecting ‘logical’ points with lines

And then make a Sweep2

it will not be very nice modeling but it might get you what you need.



yes, that is correct; looks like the right window and the back door… let me try it, hold on…

if your idea is to make it hollow, you could try with OffsetSrf in the main volume and then sustract the other objects:

Oh, you can offset a surface towards it’s insides? Didn’t know that. But, no what I’m wanting to do now is have solid fill between the body of my space craft’s exterior and it’s hollowed out interior (like any interior of a vehicle is). But, that is after I get this test done just to make sure there won’t be total roadblocks to me doing this. I’m now testing out just a simple connection between the front right window and the back door. It’s proving to be anything but simple, LOL… but you get the idea. Diego, by the way, would you like to join me in completing this space craft and then helping me render and animate it? I wouldn’t mind too much if I had just one other person helping me out. It is not timed; a hobby of mine I’m just hoping gets accepted into Star Citizen (or some future mod of the game that allows your own 3D models/space ships to be put into the game). I have a 2D draft of 3 floors and 2 little shuttles drawn up in 3D so far. Other than the main craft’s exterior completed. It’s 70m long. Interested?

<says: ‘unable to order shapes on rails’ did it work for you Pascal?

follow the Pascal’s advice about reading and practicing with the training manuals level 1&2, solving this particular case will not help you learning how the program works and what you can do with it. there are no shortcuts or magical tricks, thanks for the offer btw. not having time for now.

OK, I got it to work. Found out that I had to change the tools settings for 2 rail sweep to work. That ended up bringing up the pop up options window for the use of this tool. Then I used the same settings that Pascal used in his pic above. So, it worked now. But, now I ran into another issue. Won’t successfully Boolean subtract my solid now from the inside of my space craft. See pic:

Thanks Diego. Was helpful. So, I manually did what Boolean difference would have done and it worked! ; ) 2 pics for you allz. I used Ctrl + Shift + left click on sub objects (for faces/surfaces) and deleted the openings (for window & door) that way. I hope that gets me exactly the same end results that Boolean difference would have, technically speaking (not just visually). I hit a small snag, but quickly found just one tiny surface hanging around for no good reason (feels like a hacker, LOL) and used the join command which made it a ‘closed solid polysurface’.