How to export high quality texture into FBX file

Hi Rhino Team, I have a problem trying to get a high quality looking texture for my shoes model in fbx file. I’ve tried using bump and material on the material panel, have also tried with displacement but the file are getting heavier, when I export to fbx the size of the file becomes really big. Is there a way to get really detail texture but the size still reasonable? Here I attach the texture target that I want to achieve. The screenshot of the model using displacement and export to fbx, and viewed from autodesk viewer, some part are missing or not exported.

Example detail 2

Here I attach also the one using bump and material, visually pleasing but the surface are still flat

Thank you

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Bump is the way to do this with less overhead. As you discovered, the surface will remain flat and the file will stay small.

Displacement actually physically displaces the render mesh and requires a lot of polygons to look nice. the nicer it looks, the higher the poly count, and consequently, the bigger the file. No way around it in rhino.