Trouble Exporting .fbx with materials and material maps

I am trying to export my model as an fbx with materials saved so my friend can open the file in sketchup and have the materials already loaded in. The problem is I am checking the save textures box and it is still not saving the materials and he is having to re-texture everything in sketchup. I’ve tried exporting as different file types but nothing seems to be working. Any advice would be great.

Hi Andrea - here, in my quick test, an object exported to fbx round-trips back to Rhino with the material intact. Are you adding Rhino materials or materials from some other renderer? (4.9 KB)


It turns out we were able to get the materials to transfer over by just relocating the source of the images. I’ve been using custom materials (not Rhino materials). The issue now is that the uv is not transferring over and is just reverting to the default uv.