Export the 3D (FBX) to Mapping-friendly in another software

I am trying to export the 3d model(FBX) to another 3d software for editing colorway. However, when I import the 3D and map the material on it, the pattern is like to fill into different surfaces and not in consistent. How can I solve it in rhino? :persevere:

The final goal is hopefully like below

Hi @Ken3
Look into mapping and UV mapping - either using Rhino or whatever program you are importing into.
HTH, Jakob

That video is an older one I made and still may help but you can also check out this one Texture Mapping in Rhino 7 - YouTube

Sorry for my unclear expression, :pray: I want to export a clean 3d model without any texture in rhino3D, and then import the clean 3d model to fill the pattern jpg in sketchfab .

But in sketchfab, they don’t have the box mapping to map the pattern, they set to use the surface for mapping as default. Is it possible to make my 3d model in rhino3D that has tidy surface to map the pattern.

The picture below is to use the surface for mapping and it makes many seams when putting the pattern on it (it just simulates the situation when doing in sketchfab, and it will be like that)

Best to still apply uv mapping and ensure that gets exported. You don’t have to apply a material to do that.

It’s work! Thank you all so much!!