How to disengage Rhino from a task without losing Data?

I’m trying to move ahead with a project and I have found the program stuck. No curser. Mouse arrow moves. Unable to escape. Cannot save or start new command. The last command joined to objects and created a closed polysurface that is a bad object. The resulting object is not longer highlighted in yellow. Is there some way to disengage the program without losing data? The command line is asking me to select objects to join. It seems to keep repeating the command but not let me respond. I’m using V7.


Your Best Bet, is hopefully you have a file autosaved here, please take a look in this folder?


@tay.0 Thanks. I was also able to figure out that the join command sometime automatically starts to join the objects before hitting the enter key. So when I was hitting the enter key
to complete the command, I was also launching the command again and confusing Rhino even though I was technically doing what the program asked.