Rhino error please help

I have been working on a file for the past three hours and it is stuck in the middle of a command and I haven’t saved it once. I clicked escape and undo and other such things and nothing will work and I cant even click anything on the window it physically wont let me please what do I do. It stopped working 20 minutes ago and the last saved time hasn’t changed once please help me.

Have a look in the Recycle Bin, and see if there are AutoSaves in there. Rhino periodically makes these normally.

it is an untitled file it hasnt been saved once

like i cant even click on the icon on my tool bar at the bottom of my screen it doesnt react or show a preview of anything

Okay. Have you checked the Appdata folder for the Rhino Autosaves as well? Maybe there is something in there?

am I a lost cause

Have a look here:


that brings me to a server not found page

Yeah. That’s probably trying to go into the Internet browser. You need to go into the file system and follow your C:\ drive to that directory. Note that Appdata is normally hidden, so you may have to set to showing the hidden folders.

I never have saved the file either I am such an idiot

I’m afraid that it is worse than being an idiot. It is being human. I think nearly everyone here has done this exact same thing. It’s easy to get lost in the work, and forget to save. It won’t be the last time.

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I may be stupid but i cant get what you sent me to work, i dont know if its because I am technically challenged or what

like i can only even access the window when i close all other tabs and its the only one left

Okay, let’s make this clearer. :slight_smile:

C:\Users\ <Lauren>\AppData\Local\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\AutoSave

The name between the “<>” will be whatever your user account is, assuming your account is mounted to the C:\ drive.

my file temporarily started to load but the command is still not shutting off the point that I can save I also think I am so dumb i tried what you said word for word and i cant get it to work

David it started to load again and I was able to save it!

That’s good news! Lessons learned, until you forget again, as we all do. Welcome to the forum.

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Please check mark your own reply as the solution, so nobody needs to look into this specific problem. :slight_smile:

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