Rhino 7 (not Responding) - Save progress

Hey Yall :wave:

I’ve been working on one of my projects and accidentally miss clicked while in command. Rhino started thinking and became unresponsive. I’ve checked my CPU memory etc and all seems fine. Will, my previous work be saved if I exit the program, or must I start all over again? What’s the best way to proceed?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Rhino may have already created a backup file. You can open a new instance of Rhino and try to open the backup to see what’s in it before you close the unresponsive window. If you do open a new instance and you are able to find a backup that you want to keep, I’d recommend saving that under a new name before doing anything else.

Additionally, if you have previously saved that file more than once, you will find older backups in the trash.