Can move around and select Objects in Rhino but can't use commands


I have a serious repetitive problem using Rhino 5 (Flamingo Plugin). Couldn’t find out a concrete pattern, but for example after doing Ctrl+C, Boolean Union, defining Texture or just tryin to save it suddenly isn’t possible to do any further command (no Rhino command, no saving, even the general closing button doesn’t work… The only solution is ‘ending task’ and open the file again (including data loss)) but still able to navigate and select objects (via layer objects select).

What causes this problem and how to avoid it?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi Tobias - can you be fairly certain that this only occurs if Flamingo is the current renderer? Is there any message at the command line when this happens?


Thank you for the reply.

I haven’t tried any other renderer besides Flamingo yet… I thought maybe it could be somehow related…

The message on the command line is the last command before this kind of “semi-freeze” occurs… Like “SaveAs” in case of saving the Rhino file…

It’s very annoying because I don’t know what the problem causes… It’s like gambling… Especially annoying when having deadlines or you were actually already finished with some work and have to rebuild again…

Hello - are you encountering the same problem? Can you provide details of exactly what the behavior is, and can you also run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and paste the results here?