Displacement in Rhino 7

Hi All!

I posted a video tutorial on using displacement meshes in Rhino 7 for 3D printing and rendering. Sub-object displacements, Adobe Substance materials and using the Z buffer for 2D image creation are also covered.



Hi Brian, that’s another great video! Thanks for making these :slight_smile:


Third insightful video for rendering handling :1+
A request, can we also have something deeper look here ?
and hier

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Thank you so much for another great video. Will need to follow along, to get it into my workflow. Thanks again

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Hi @BrianJ

Another great tutorial and I was just about to ask for one on displacement and here it is.
Much obliged for these tutorials!

I’m running into dark water on Rhino textures and things I can do in Vray in max but Rhino seems it should be capable of it.

Good examples and tutorials on how to use the special Rhino Textures.
How to use gradients to fade out the edges of textures.
How to use blend materials that have base materials and other types on top that are controlled by gradients.

There are all these texture materials in the browser but I can’t figure them out properly or when to use them. Here is an image of the textures I know are powerful but how to use them properly?

I came across these wonderful tutorials for Vray in max and not to be a snotty nose or belittle what rhino can do, I thought you might see what I’m hinting at wanting to do in rhino and to clarify the above.
Here is the link to these Vray tuts for clarification.

V-Ray | Procedural RUSTY METAL Shader | VRayBlendMtl, Procedural Masks, VRayDirt, AO & VRayBumpMtl - YouTube

Thanks for constantly striving to make Rhino better.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add it to the list!

What a great tutorial. It shows so much of the versatility of Rhino!
This is not hte type of work that I need to do and therefore so informative.

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Thanks @Gerard :slight_smile: