How to create horizontal lines?

Could someone please help me how to create horizontal lines here in this photo?

here are the horizontal lines

Joking aside, do you think that only a screenshot could be enough to get help ? Split the list and don’t forget to set Periodic to true.
Please post a file. Read that also.

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Hi Laurent :grin:
seems this is what he is after for: (16.6 KB)

your screenshot is a continues curve and it is result of interpolate component, if you need lines then one way is contours

Thanks for making a script.
here is another way using sets. In order to make set with slices I convert Z to int. Not perfect if geometry has gaps less than 1, but it works here. I also don’t order the points as it seems to work. (16.7 KB)

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Hello Saeed, Thank you for making and uploading the GH file. I did try to use contour but I couldn’t match it perfectly with vertices in diamond tiling.
Laurent, made me chuckle with your joke. Thank you for referring me to the guidelines! I will follow it from next. and your solution from Saeed file works perfectly. Thank you so much for both taking time to help me!

no match required, you could decrease distance to avoid losing the form detail.
enable the point list in this file to see numbers in case of . (11.4 KB)