How to make horizontal interpolate curve

How to make horizontal interpolate curve using points on the divided surface


Question (8.8 KB)

why didn’t you just divide the initial surface like this?

This seems like a goofball way of going about this? (16.5 KB)

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Thanks a lot, Mr. Joseph, it solved my issue. :+1::clap::medal_sports:

Sorry I didn’t get you , Could you please explain me with Grasshopper math

Well, not really since it isn’t parametric for the partition value “7”. And the white vertical lines aren’t what they appear to be, they are actually smaller overlapping segments. This strikes me as solving the wrong problem… That is, asking the wrong question.

These white vertical lines (below) are correct, but again, “7” is not derived by parametric means. (14.3 KB)

P.S. This version ‘c’ (below) is a fully parametric solution, meaning you can change the sliders that define the model and still get the expected result for vertical and horizontal lines. (21.5 KB)

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Thank you Joseph, i got it . :grinning::+1::+1::+1::+1:

There has to be a simpler way to do this.

The Flip Matrix node is a more simple way to do this.

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All three of my code contributions to this thread use Flip Matrix. What have you got?

Thank you!