Getting horizontal interpolated lines from random order points

I’ve learning how to sort points in closed surface or curves In this case is just one segment, I can get one reference to sort by line in fact is what I want to create, the points are located in random values I was thinking I could reoder by z direction but I have not very clear how to do it. :v:

horizontal (22.0 KB)

This could be a way, BTW…
You keep posting bad datas in terms of the sequence similar to this one, but frankly, this kind of post processing work would be unnecessary.
Is there any reason why your point grid data is not well organized from the first place?

horizontal (28.5 KB)

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another approach, and indeed as HS_Kim said, too much unnecessary work.

180225_horizontal (23.7 KB)

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Thanks guys I´ve been creating some panels with intersections so maybe when I split all the data suffer changes.

I changed the intersections points and your script @ErickVasquez show error: 1. You must supply at least one point

horizontal (20.1 KB)

The script from @HS_Kim with no problems

Check this out…

horizontal (17.1 KB)


my brain has exploded :sweat_smile:, I want to be like you :love_you_gesture:

look at the wires, you need to flatten the points…

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