Problem with creating horizontal frames on Grasshopper (newbie, probably a silly mistake)

Hi! I wanted to make a parametric brick wall and was following this tutorial (How to Generate a Brick Wall in Grasshopper - Tutorial - YouTube). Everything was working out fine till 10 minutes. But for somehow, when i add the horizontal frames component to the contour one I get those several lines instead of the points on the contour. I added two prints - how my model was before putting the horizontal frames component and after - so you can understand the problem I’m having.
R00_Parede (27.3 KB)

I apologize for my poor english and would be very grateful if someone could help me!
Ps: Those rectangles I added in the beginning that are beside the brick are supposed to be the cement, that’s why there are a few modifications on my code from the tutorial

These are not line. This is actually how grasshopper preview planes. you can change Preview Plane Size from Display menu, Or simply you can set it to 0 to hide this plane.
you can also connect a Point parameter to F output of HorizontalFrame component and Turn its preview off.


Thank you!