How to create Aspheric lens or surface in Rhino3d?

I can’t find any information about the solution of making aspheric lens in rhino3d…
I have to make aspheric lens and sine wave surface and then project sine wave surface to aspheric lens. i found solution of sine wave surface in youtube but aspheric one is difficult to search it.
Anyone who know much about this formula or information pleaseeee help me

As applying a sinusoidal surface to a lens will cause significant distortions to the light paths - completely contrary to the purpose of an aspheric lens element - I presume you are looking for a decorative effect rather than a precise optic. In which case why do you need an aspheric? Or are you thinking that the term aspheric implies a particular profile? An aspheric lens can be made with very different surface profiles.

Can you provide more information about why you need this, what shape you are seeking etc? Sketches would be good too.